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Myths and Truths about hair

Mitos y Verdades sobre el cabello

Hair is an essential part of our identity and personal style. Over the years, numerous myths and beliefs have emerged about how to care for it, make it grow faster or keep it healthy. But how many of these myths are really true?

Here at Natusure we will unmask the most common beliefs and you will learn how to care for your hair properly and discover practical tips to keep it healthy and radiant. Get ready to discover the truth behind hair secrets!

1. Washing your hair daily increases hair loss: False . Hair loss is related to scalp or even emotional problems.

2. Oily hair with dandruff tends to fall out more: True . As we said before, hair loss usually comes from a problem in the scalp and this could also be forming dandruff or too much oil.

3. Washing your hair with hot water dries out and frizzes your hair: True . It is always better to opt for cold or warm water so as not to be aggressive with our hair.

4. Using a dryer and straightener dehydrates your hair: True . It is better to air dry your hair and if you want straightening, always use the straightener with completely dry hair. Even so, it is better not to abuse its use.

5. The mask is better than the conditioner: False . Each hair is different and some need some vitamins that we usually find in masks and others that we find in conditioners. The most advisable thing is to vary but always using products made with natural ingredients.

6. Putting wet hair in a ponytail damages it: True . Wet hair is more fragile and more prone to breakage and tangles.

7. Blonde hair is more fragile than brunette hair: False . Each hair has the health and strength it has regardless of its color, as long as it is natural. Chemical products such as dyes or bleaches can damage hair.

8. Cutting hair frequently accelerates growth: False . Hair growth occurs at the roots, not the tips. Cutting your hair regularly can help keep it healthy and prevent split ends, but it won't speed up hair growth.

9. A balanced diet positively affects hair health: True . What you eat can have an impact on the appearance and health of your hair. A diet rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins is essential to maintain strong and shiny hair.

If you want to complement your diet with natural vitamins to have healthy, strong and shiny hair, at Natusure we recommend that you try our Natucapil capsules, with which you can carry out a three-month treatment or our cherry-flavored Natuhair multivitamin gummies. With both products you will see great results in a short time!

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