Natusure - NatuSol Capsules - Promotes natural tanning - 60 capsules

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Natural tanning tablets with beta-carotene

Our natural tanning capsules reduce exposure to UV rays on the skin and facilitate a more attractive and long-lasting natural tan. They do not replace the topical sunscreen. Package of 60 units for 2 months of daily treatment.


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Why should you use Natusure - NatuSol Capsules - Promotes natural tanning - 60 capsules ?

Whether it's lifestyle or genetics, sometimes it's hard to get a nice tan, let alone maintain it when the cold months roll around. If you have fair skin, hopefully you can make it through the year without burning, even if you apply cream daily. As a solution to prepare your skin and protect it from the sun from the inside, Natusure® Natusol is the perfect complement for you. Thanks to these natural tanning tablets you will be able to: Achieve a faster, more intense and lasting natural tan, achieving a uniform color that will remain on your skin for longer. Reduce oxidative damage caused by UV radiation, as well as that caused by other external aggressors such as pollution or tobacco smoke. Combat the appearance of spots, wrinkles and other signs of photoaging. Did you know that the sun is responsible for almost 80% of skin aging? With these natural tanning tablets you will reduce that percentage. Even more so if you combine it with an antioxidant serum. Prevent redness and burns. But be careful, because you should also use a topical photoprotector at all times. Improve skin repair after sun exposure.

What ingredients does Natusure - NatuSol Capsules - Promotes natural tanning - 60 capsules contain?

Each capsule of Natusure® Natusol contains 6 powerful antioxidants: lycopene, beta-carotene (precursor of vitamin A), vitamins C and E, and extracts of pomegranate and green tea. Vitamin C favors the synthesis of collagen, which helps preserve the firmness, elasticity and quality of the skin. And folic acid and vitamin D are added to the formulation. Both contribute to cell division, promoting the formation of melanocytes, cells that pigment (tan) the epidermis as a defense against UV radiation. For its part, beta-carotene can enhance natural tanning. Pomegranate dry plant extract (Punica granatum L.): 87.5mg. Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid): 40mg – 50% NRV*. Green tea dry plant extract (Camellia sinensis L.): 26mg. Lycopene (Redivivo®: Fructus Lycopersicum esculentum Mill.): 25mg. Vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate): 12mg – 100% NRV*. Beta-carotene: 4.8mg. Source of vitamin A (retinol): 800µg – 100% NRV*. Folic acid (vitamin B9): 100µg – 50% NRV*. Vitamin D (cholecalciferol): 5µg – 100% NRV*. *NRV: Nutritional Reference Value. To ensure that the formula works for you and that the natural tanning tablets are easy to swallow, they also include microcrystalline cellulose (bulking agent), hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (coating agent), E-470b (anti-caking agent), E-551 (stabilizer) , E-171 (coating opacifier) and E-172 (coating colorant). They do not contain gluten or lactose and are suitable for vegans.

How should the product be taken?

It's as simple as taking a pill a day with a glass of water, always at the same time to get into a routine and avoid forgetting. We recommend that you do it in the morning, after breakfast. But if you have a sensitive stomach, you can do it on an empty stomach. Tip: take our Natusure® Natusol natural tanning tablets a month before, during and after the season in which you are going to be exposed to the most sun. In this way, you will guarantee its protective and tanning effect, and your skin will have a longer lasting brown tone. The container contains 60 vegetable capsules, so you will have enough for 2 months. Remember that this is a supplement, so it is not a substitute for a suitable SPF topical sunscreen.

precautions you should take

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Doing so will not increase effectiveness. Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Protect the little ones in the house by keeping the boat out of their reach. To preserve it well, leave the container in a cool and dry environment away from sunlight. If you are pregnant, nursing, under clinical supervision or suspect that you have an allergy to any ingredient, consult your doctor first.

Other common questions

Does Natusure® Natusol tan without sunbathing? The effect of our natural tanning tablets is more powerful together with controlled sun exposure, but you may get some tan due to its beta-carotene content. Do you have to apply sunscreen separately? Yes. You should always use a cream that has an appropriate SPF. Although these capsules help you from the inside, you have to protect yourself from the outside to avoid the consequences of spending many hours in the sun. Can I use them if I have sensitive skin? Yes. In fact, Natusure® Natusol natural tanning tablets are ideal if you have very fair skin or if you tend to react to UV radiation. Are the results immediate? In the first weeks it is possible that you will achieve a more beautiful tone, but it is advisable that you continue taking it for several months. Especially before, during and after times of greatest exposure.

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