Natusure - NatuSleep Gummies - Helps to fall asleep and rest well – 60 gummies

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Gummies that help you fall asleep

Delicious melatonin jelly beans and Vitamin B6 that will help you fall asleep quickly. You will stop counting sheep!

Our Gummies will help you fall asleep and naturally improve your daily rest . They do not cause drowsiness the next morning. Package of 60 blackberry flavor jelly beans for 2 months of daily treatment.


🌱 Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

🦷 WITHOUT sugar coating

🍇 with natural aromas

🩸 WITHOUT artificial colors

🍮 Does NOT contain gelatin

🥛 Gluten and lactose FREE

🦞 WITHOUT traces of fish / shellfish

🧬 NO GMO ingredients

🍬 NO artificial sweeteners

🧪 WITHOUT preservatives

🥜 WITHOUT traces of nuts

🐄 WITHOUT dairy derivatives

🥚 WITHOUT egg derivatives

🌿 WITHOUT soy or derivatives

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Why should you use Natusure - NatuSleep Gummies - Helps to fall asleep and rest well – 60 gummies ?

Sleeping well means sleeping when you have to, having a good sleep routine, waking up with a smile the next morning... so you can perform, enjoy better health and have a positive mood every day. Insomnia can slow down your pace of life and your daily activities, affecting you both physically and emotionally. Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES are natural gummies that release Melatonin night after night to help you fall asleep quickly and promote a restful sleep. They are especially recommended for: times of nervousness or stress, workers with shift changes, the elderly, jet lag, post-vacation period... Promotes relaxation. You will fall asleep faster and deeper. Reduces nighttime awakenings. Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES not only reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, but also improve rest throughout the night. Due to its content of 1 mg of Melatonin, it helps to regulate the sleep cycle, favoring correct rest habits. Due to its content in Vitamin B6, it improves the body's natural synthesis of tryptophan and melatonin, helping to favor correct sleep habits at the same time. Increases the quality of rest in punctual or prolonged situations of stress, anxiety, jet lag, night work or very changing schedules. And most importantly: you will wake up in a different mood and have more energy in your day to day life.

What ingredients does Natusure - NatuSleep Gummies - Helps to fall asleep and rest well – 60 gummies contain?

Each gummy of Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES contains a natural combination of Melatonin and Vitamin B6 to improve your rest. The ingredients per daily intake are as follows (1 gummy): Melatonin: 1 mg Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride): 0.7 mg - 50% NRV* *NRV: Nutritional Reference Value To ensure that the formula works for you and It is easy to chew, it also includes: glucose syrup, sugar, water, pectin E-440 (gelling agent), maltodextrin (stabilizer), citric acid E-330 (acidifier), trisodium citrate E-331 (acidity corrector) , vegetable coconut oil, natural blackberry aroma, anthocyanins E-163 (colorant), carnauba wax E-903 (anti-caking agent). It does not contain gluten or lactose. Does not contain gelatin or ingredients of animal origin. Pectin-based vegan gummies.

How should the product be taken?

For adults and children 8 years and older, chew 1 gummy 1 to 30 minutes before bedtime. It can be taken on an empty stomach. Chew until dissolved, can be taken without food or water. Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES are effective from the first shot. Therefore, you can use them occasionally for specific nights or take them daily to help stabilize or regulate your sleep habits each day. Gummies should be chewed and not swallowed whole. The container contains 60 gummies, so you will have 2 months of daily treatment.

precautions you should take

Gummies should be chewed and not swallowed whole. Do not use as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, under clinical supervision, or suspect that you have an allergy to any ingredient, consult your doctor first. Store in a cool, dry place below 25ºC and protected from light. Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Other common questions

When does Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES start to work? You will notice the effectiveness from the first day, which is why it is useful both at specific times and over long periods. As for the time it takes for the action to appear, it can vary depending on the person, but it is usually from 30 minutes after the shot. Will Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES make me “hangover” or sleepy the next day when I wake up? No. Unlike many medications, it does not cause drowsiness the next day, improving your rest and your awakening. Do Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES generate dependency or addiction? Neither the melatonin nor the vitamin B6 in Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES are addictive. If you stop using it, you will lose the action of the formula and you may rest worse again, but you will not have symptoms of dependence. From what age can Natusure® NATUSLEEP GUMMIES be taken? They are indicated for adults and children from 8 years of age. Even so, the dose of melatonin and vitamin B6 is the effective and commonly used one to fall asleep in adults.

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