The exercise that burns the most fat and provides the best performance

El ejercicio que más grasa quema y mayor rendimiento aporta

Cardio activities are the exercise that burns fat to a greater extent because they serve to activate and increase the heart rate, as well as to accelerate breathing. In this way, going for a run, doing long bicycle routes, swimming, boxing, rowing and jumping rope are some of the best exercises to lose weight that exist.

If you exercise several times a week, it is likely that you also know certain nutrients or food supplements that can help you lose those extra kilos. But we will talk about them at the end of the post; For now, let's focus on the fat burning exercises that work best.

What is the best exercise to burn fat?
We are going to break down in order from highest to lowest all the physical activities that may interest you so that you can discover the exercise that burns fat best. Put on your favorite and most comfortable sportswear, and get that figure you want so much!

Races in different modalities
Running allows you to make different movements with the extremities that are of great help to lose weight. Knee raises, heel to butt raises, and arm extensions are three of the best methods to further activate your cardiovascular system.

Running with your knees up: for 30 minutes doing this exercise at high intensity you can burn up to 355 calories.
Heels to Butt Run: This fat-burning exercise allows you to burn the same number of calories, so alternating between the two every minute can be a great idea.
Climbers: an ideal exercise to strengthen the abdominals
Stair climbers are one of the best weight loss exercises you will find. As in the previous examples, you can burn 355 calories practicing high intensity exercise for 30 minutes.

If you are not familiar with this, you just have to position yourself as if you were going to do push-ups, which is known as "plank". Your hands and shoulders should be perfectly aligned to lift one knee toward your abdominal area, return it to its natural position, and do the same with the other to complete one repetition.

Sprint short distances
Earlier we talked about long-term runs and now we are going to delve into another exercise that burns fat that is quite similar. Trying to reach your maximum speed by sprinting in 100-meter sections again reaches the peak of 355 calories consumed in 30 minutes due to the energy input that the training requires.

Swimming is an exercise that burns fat very quickly and is liked by many people, since it is refreshing and very good for the joints. In 30 minutes you can burn up to 294 calories while working on your muscle strength, promoting blood flow and boosting your lung and heart capacity. A most complete activity!

What exercise burns the most fat in the gym?
Apart from the treadmill, since it is the equivalent of racing, there is an exercise that burns fat very well that you can practice in the gym and is also included in cardio activities: rowing.

Rowing machine
This device simulates the drifter regattas that are so popular on the Cantabrian Sea coast, especially in the Basque Country. They are an excellent way to work strength and endurance at the same time, they help strengthen arms and back, and even the abdominals and hamstrings get activated.

That is why it gives rise to a large expenditure of calories and favors the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. With a high intensity, you can consume up to 350 calories in half an hour, almost as much as the best fat burning exercises.

What exercises burn more fat at home?
There is more than one exercise that burns fat with very good results and you can practice at home if you don't want to join a gym. From our point of view, the best ones are stationary cycling, Jumping Jacks and dancing.

Stationary bicycle
Many people today have an exercise bike, since it is one of the best exercises to lose weight at home. It is a device that allows prolonged use to burn up to 311 calories in half an hour without having to go outside and every day it is a more common practice.

Jumping Jacks
The 2020 lockdown caused many people to want to keep their cardiovascular system active with an exercise that burns fat as beneficial as Jumping Jacks. Some people also know it as the cat jump and we can say that it is one of our favorites for the simple fact that it activates the muscles of the back, shoulder and triceps.

You will only need a little coordination to practice it perfectly and it will allow you to burn up to 12 calories per minute. How much do you think you are capable of holding out?

If you like dancing, we must also value it, since it is an activity that can be practiced at home, freeing up some space to be able to comfortably perform all the movements of this exercise that burns fat like a charm and is also entertaining.

How to burn more calories? Use our natural pills to burn fat
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They are designed to block the ingested fat and burn the accumulated, so that it will be easier for you to control your weight and maintain the silhouette that you have been looking for so long to see yourself in shape. In addition, they are made up of natural ingredients to ensure that they are totally beneficial for your health.

Are you ready to take them and practice your favorite fat burning exercise from our list?

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