What is the best posture to fall asleep quickly?

Cuál es la mejor postura para dormir rápido

Did you know that the position in which you lie down may be affecting you not being able to fall asleep easily? To adopt postures to sleep quickly , naturally and ensuring that the body truly rests It benefits our entire body .

And in addition to rest, sleeping allows you to recover energy, as well as strengthen cognitive processes helping creativity and improving memory. That is why doing it in a position that favors rest is synonymous with helping to take care of your own body. Do you want to know more about what is the best sleeping position Quick?

In this post of nature We are going to delve deeper into the subject in question and give you the advice that you are so eager to hear. Keep reading!

Do Some Fast Sleep Postures Really Work?

Each person has a favorite position to fall asleep fast, always looking for relax the body and be calm to be able to fall asleep . However, there are postures that can work much better than others, since they allow that the spinal column is not pressed and that the neck and the extremities themselves can be comfortable .

But what is the best posture for sleep well ? Let's see:


A One of the best positions to fall asleep quickly and comfortably, according to therapists and doctors , is that of the lateral elbow; that is, sideways. The reason for this is that it helps the body to relax and avoid some of the discomfort typical of bad positions. Among the benefits of sleeping on your side we can highlight the following:

  • You will avoid cervical pain
  • You will reduce gastric reflux
  • You will have a better breath

The ideal thing to help this pose really work is choose a suitable pillow , making sure it is soft and with the ideal height to maintain good alignment of the vertebrae.

Fetal position

This is one variation of the previous one, only with it, as you well know, we usually bend the legs a little and slightly curl the body. Among the best positions to sleep quickly and well, with the fetal position we achieve the following benefits:

  • Relieve lumbar tension
  • Avoid snoring thanks to the fact that the airways remain open.
  • for pregnant women It is a very advantageous position both for the spine, for the internal organs, as well as for the comfort of the fetus.

For greater comfort in this position, placing a pillow between the knees is much more beneficial to prevent rubbing between them.

Face up

between positions more neutral and natural we have the supine or face up position. The objective is to find that the pillow allows the alignment of the spine and that it is neither too sunken nor too high.

Did you know the benefits of one of the most common fast sleep positions? They are the following:

  • The spine can be in a straight position that allows you to rest in a natural and relaxed way.
  • Prevents back and neck pain.
  • As the face is not in contact with the pillow, it helps prevent the formation of wrinkles.

However, one of the great drawbacks is that the position that facilitates the appearance of snoring . This happens because the tongue, moving towards the pharynx, obstructs the passage of air, increasing sleep apnea.

Try our sleeping pills if these positions don't work for you

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The worst positions to fall asleep fast

As we have seen, these postures are the ones we normally adopt to seek to fall asleep quickly, comfortably and really suitable for the body. Throughout the night it is very common to go through all of them, since we change position even unconsciously.

Now, there are postures that we also tend to use, which they are not beneficial at all and they are not at all recommended positions to fall asleep quickly. Among these we must highlight the prone position, that is, face down .

But why isn't it truly beneficial? The reason is the pressure and discomfort that this supposes for the neck due to the rotation of the column itself. In addition, sleeping on the chest and stomach is harming fluid breathing.

Was this post useful to you about what are the best positions to fall asleep quickly? From Natusure we invite you to evaluate how you feel when you wake up according to the position you have had during your night rest in order to seek to improve it.

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