10 relaxing herbs that help you sleep well

10 hierbas relajantes que ayudan a dormir bien

There are different remedies that can help you improve the quality of sleep at night so that the next day you wake up with charged batteries. On many occasions we have spoken to you about the use of Food Complements like the ones you can find in our store, but today we are going to delve into the world of relaxing herbs for sleep

Surely you have ever tried an infusion or know someone who has what it takes to prepare all kinds of teas. And the truth is that the infusions they are a great ally to sleep soundly , especially on those nights when you do nothing but toss and turn.

We are going to review our favorite plants in this article and we hope that you can find your favorite among them. And, of course, that it is useful to you.

These are the best relaxing herbs to sleep

Between the natural sleep aids best known, from Natusure we want to recommend the following:


This herbaceous perennial is one of the most popular relaxing sleep herbs, as it contains properties that help combat anxiety and stress . It is known to many as a Muscular and cerebral sedative , which is why it is of great help to be able to rest at night.


This plant contains active ingredients and medicinal properties highly beneficial for the health of the nervous system . In addition, it shares certain characteristics with valerian and their effects when combined are enhanced , giving rise to excellent results.

And not only because of this, but because the combination of bitter taste of valerian and passion flower acid many people like it. Do you dare to try the mixture?


Another of the relaxing herbs to sleep What do people use the most for infusions? it's chamomile. This not only helps reduce stomach upset , gas and bloating, but also contains calming attributes that favor the reduction of insomnia .

If you like sweet flavors with a slightly bitter touch at the end, this may be the one for you.


He Linden tea It is popularly known for helping to combat insomnia and calm anxiety. However, lime blossom is one of the most versatile relaxing sleep herbs you'll find, as it also regulates the cardiovascular system , has anti-inflammatory properties and a diuretic effect .


Lavender belongs to the lamiaceae family and one of the things that attracts the most attention about it is its attractive color, but we must not forget its calming fragrance and that many use to seek well-being . Widely used in the aromatherapy , but also as a star ingredient in many infusions to sleep soundly.


To talk about rosemary is to talk about one of the easiest relaxing herbs for sleeping. found in the Iberian Peninsula . In addition to using it as a relaxant to promote night rest, we must value its anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties . Thanks to them, in the field of medicine it is widely used to mitigate certain conditions of the digestive tract.


This plant originally from chile It is well known among tea lovers for its benefits for reduce insomnia, treat liver problems and also acts as a purifier of the body when we must eliminate certain residues accumulated by eating processed foods. It has a strong flavor with a certain lemon aroma. Do you dare with it?


In our list of relaxing herbs to sleep we could not forget one that we all know perfectly well: the mint . After chewing so many gums and enjoying its freshness in your mouth, surely now you also want to take advantage of its decongestant, stimulating and antiseptic properties .

a mint tea It will help you better cope with those nights that until now kept you awake for hours and you will once again enjoy that herbaceous flavor that characterizes it.


He hop is well known for being one of the essential elements in the preparation of beer , but it also has relaxing properties that will help you sleep better . If you are one of those who ask for a fresh pint on weekends, you will love its flavor. In addition, in combination with valerian, you will achieve a sensational muscular sedative effect.


Finally, we close the list of our favorite natural sleep aids with lemon balm. we could say it is another of the most versatile plants in this sense, since it not only has anxiolytic effects and beneficial for improve the quality of sleep , but also serves to relieve migraine, regulate blood pressure and mitigate other pain .

Which of all these relaxing herbs to sleep do you prefer? Is there any that has particularly caught your attention because of its benefits or its taste?

In addition to this list, From Natusure we want to give you one last recommendation Totally different in terms of the mode of consumption, but just as beneficial or even more so than infusions. Stay with us until the end.

Another natural remedy that you will like: NATUSURE® NatuSleep

At the beginning of this article on the best natural sleep relaxants we have mentioned our specialty, the food supplements . Among all that you can find in our product catalogue, we have one specially designed for you facing those seasons in which it costs you the most sleep at night .

with our natural sleeping pills NATUSURE® NatuSleep you will achieve that restful sleep that you have been wanting to have for so many days. Wake up the next day feeling totally relaxed and ready to face any work or personal challenge with the necessary energy. Guaranteed effectiveness from the first intake.

Are you vegan, celiac, diabetic or lactose intolerant? There is no problem, since the product is also designed for you. The only requirement to take them is to use them responsibly and always eat a healthy diet so that the benefits are much greater. We hope you try them and give us your opinion about them!

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