NATUCBDOIL Premium CBD Oil 30%

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Oil enriched with hemp seed oil, medium chain triglyceride oil, CBD (Cannabidiol) and Vitamin E. It provides the nourishing, calming and antioxidant effects of pure CBD. It helps calm and find the balance of your well-being.


🌱 Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

🧬 NO GMO ingredients

🍬 NO artificial sweeteners

🍇 with natural flavors

🥜 NO traces of nuts

🍮 Does NOT contain gelatin

🐄 WITHOUT dairy derivatives

🥛 NO gluten or lactose

🥚 WITHOUT egg derivatives

🦞 NO traces of fish/shellfish

🌿 WITHOUT soy or derivatives

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Why should you use NATUCBDOIL Premium CBD Oil 30% ?

NATUCBD OIL helps promote rest, reduce anxiety, stress and relieve pain due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capacity. Its formula is free of THC, which makes it totally safe and suitable for any age. The absence of THC means that it can be used in elite athletes subject to anti-doping controls and in risky professions who are checked regularly for possible drug use. NATUCBD OIL 15% is an oil based on CBD and natural oils that guarantee the efficacy, safety and nature of its formula. It is free of parabens, toxins, heavy metals, gluten and GMOs. All components are of plant origin, suitable for vegans. As it lacks chemical solvents, it is recommended to shake before use. Enriched with hemp seed oil, medium chain triglyceride oil, CBD (Cannabidiol), and vitamin E. Which provides the cosmetic effects of CBD as well as providing softness, elasticity and smoothness to the skin. It can be used in various types of massage, both for skin regeneration and to obtain effects at deeper levels of the skin, even before or after exercise to reduce discomfort and small inflammations.

What ingredients does NATUCBDOIL Premium CBD Oil 30% contain?

Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Some of the recognized effects are: Inflammation. Reducing external and internal inflammation, in the most natural way possible, is something that could help a wide range of patients and address a variety of different problems. Recovery. It could help people recover from muscle fatigue more quickly, giving it potential use in sports and exercise. Sebum regulator. It can mainly normalize the excessive and abnormal production of sebum, avoiding the obstruction of the sebaceous glands that trigger the appearance of comedones on the skin. Hemp Seed Oil Hemp is rich in phenolic acid and vitamin E, powerful antioxidants. These allow to protect the skin from the aggression of free radicals. It has a high moisturizing power as it contains a high amount of essential fatty acids from the group of omega 3 (almost 20% alpha linoleic acid) and omega 6 (with almost 55% linoleic acid), which are also presented in the perfect proportions. for its action on the skin. Calming and anti-inflammatory properties are also attributed to this oil. Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil Very rich in caprylic acid and other related ones such as: capric, lauric and caproic. All of them with an antioxidant, repairing and moisturizing effect. This oil whose main origin is coconut oil; It has a wide variety of interesting properties: it is an antioxidant, moisturizer, surfactant, fungicide, antimicrobial and emollient. Ideal oil as the main vehicle in topical applications since it is light and low in fat. Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Antioxidant that helps the skin fight free radicals that accelerate aging. Protects against environmental hazards such as pollution and overexposure to sunlight. Promotes tissue regeneration. Avocado Oil It is a vegetable oil with high extensibility and rapid absorption. Among its composition are; lipids of which the main fatty acid is oleic acid, followed by palmitic and linoleic; Vitamins such as vitamin A, E and D; and minerals such as potassium, manganese, phosphorus and silicon. Its main function is to restore the barrier function of the skin, thanks to its high content of fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E, being able to deeply nourish, soften the epidermis and relieve skin peeling. Another of its functions is its antioxidant capacity, derived from its tocopherol content and radical activity, since it protects cells from free radicals released by lipoperoxides, involved in skin aging.

How should the product be taken?

Shake before using. It is recommended to apply 2 or 3 drops on the desired area and massage until completely absorbed. Each container contains 10 ml of oil at 30% concentration of CBD.

precautions you should take

TOPICAL USE. Store in a cool, dry place and away from light. Avoid direct eye contact. Keep out of the reach and sight of children.

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