Myths and truths about sleep and sleep

Mitos y verdades sobre dormir y el sueño

Sleeping is a fundamental part of our life. We spend almost a third of it doing it and it is really necessary for our body and general well-being. However, many hide myths about sleep , tricks that work and that may or may not be beneficial. Do you know them?

In this post of NATUSURE ® let's review these myths about sleep good or bad that many have heard and that we must clarify in order to incorporate or remove them from our daily sleep and rest routine. And how can our NatuSleep natural sleeping pills .

Reality or fiction? The truth behind sleep myths

Does sleep depend on a genetic component?

There is a lot of talk about genetics in various aspects of our behavior. And indeed, various studies suggest that Some hereditary or genetic factors contribute to sleep disorders .

As these investigations have found, exist some genes associated with insomnia , but also with a greater need for hours of sleep. So it is not a myth that it is our own body that may be conditioning our rest.

Does watching TV at night help you sleep?

This is a sleep myth that has grown over the years. The truth is screens , both television and our mobiles, it can have the opposite effect of what we want . That is to say, stimulate our brain and delay the formation of melatonin , which is the hormone responsible for pleasant and refreshing sleep.

Does reducing the hours of sleep not cause health problems or not?

The specialists recommend sleep an average of 6 to 8 hours a day to achieve a truly restful rest, so making a constant decrease in this time can end up cause serious problems in our health .

When we don't sleep enough we accumulate a sleep deficit that is not easy to recover , causing at the same time various problems such as a lower productivity, changes in mood and even hypertension . In short, the sleep myths related to less sleep and the health consequences are not false at all.

Is insomnia characterized only by the inability to not sleep?

Although we usually associate not being able to sleep with insomnia, the reality is that there are other factors that are also found within this name, among which we have:

  • Waking up frequently during the night.
  • Waking up and not being able to fall asleep again.
  • Waking up and feeling tired.

Let's remember that Insomnia can be due to various factors, whether physical or psychological . If you are going through a situation like this, the ideal thing is that you consult your family doctor to be able to conveniently solve this problem.

Is sleepiness during the day a symptom of not getting enough sleep?

This is another of the most common myths about sleep and it can occur even having the corresponding hours of sleep and resting properly. These kinds of problems should be addressed with the help of professionals that will allow us to discover why when we should be active we are invaded by tiredness and sleepiness despite being day.

What's more, the Daytime sleepiness can become dangerous , since energy and alertness are lost even at times like driving.

Does sleeping on the left side of the body benefit sleep?

This, beyond a myth about sleep, is a reality. Many studies indicate that sleeping on your side contributes to faster and more restful sleep .

Although on average we change position more than 30 times when sleeping, trying to do it on the left side of the body can help our spine to rest, reduce snoring and get a full rest .

The older, the less sleep?

Although it is well known that sleep patterns tend to change with age, the adult also needs to cover the average daily sleep . That is why, although you may be sleeping less at night, this can be compensated with daytime naps that will help balance the rest your body needs.

During sleep, does the brain rest?

It is true that, when sleeping, the body rests. Nevertheless, The brain is still active thanks to the REM process , which facilitates the development of our normal breathing functions, dreaming and being able to permanently fix in our memory what we have done or learned throughout the day.

If you want to put an end to your sleep problems and start sleeping better, start using NatuSleep

Something that is very beneficial to combat these problems and myths about sleep is to incorporate into your rest routine activities that allow you to relax, such as meditation, herbal teas... but also natural pills to fall asleep, such as our product NatuSleep . An ideal food supplement to reconcile a truly restful sleep!

Thanks to our capsules and a simple improvement in your daily habits, we can assure you that your night's rest will be much more beneficial for your body. The results have been proven, so the effectiveness of these pills after correct use is more than proven. Try them now!

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