The 7 best infusions to induce sleep

Las 7 mejores infusiones para inducir el sueño

Being able to fall asleep naturally is simply the best thing we can do when our long-awaited moment of rest arrives. However, there are times when, no matter how exhausted we are, we simply cannot sleep. Are you looking for natural remedies? In this post of nature We share a selection with the best infusions to induce sleep , made with the most everyday ingredients.

For those moments in which it costs a little more to be able to surrender to a restful sleep, taking infusions to induce sleep is an excellent alternative and that it really works. Here we go with our recommendations!

The best infusions to induce sleep

No more stress and worries about not being able to sleep easily . With these simple recipes you can enjoy a delicious flavor and gradually let yourself be carried away by that feeling of sleepiness that will make you rest properly throughout the night.

Put the water to heat and let's go on to try each of these methods to achieve the level of rest you deserve :


The valerian It is the medicinal plant preferred by many people as remedy against insomnia and to combat states of anxiety and nerves . The great advantage of its use is that it contains photochemical properties that help calm and relax the brain.

In addition, it is very easy to find and in different formats, such as tea bags, in its natural form or in small bottles to use with drops. Taking a cup of valerian at dinner time is one of the alternatives with the highest success rate to quickly fall asleep.


We are before another really effective remedy among the best infusions to induce sleep. Usually, chamomile is used for a large number of treatments , among which are the digestive problems, inflammations, colds and even to fight cholesterol . But also to facilitate falling asleep! From the moment the infusion begins to give off its delicious aroma, you will be able to observe how you begin to relax.


The lavender It is another wonderful plant, very aromatic and fantastic as a treatment for insomnia. Among the infusions to induce sleep, lavender is among the main positions, since it has natural anxiolytic properties They help combat stress.

If you accompany it with a hot lavender leaf bath, the relaxing effect will be absolute! This will allow you to have a truly restful sleep and completely worry free.


This is another of the infusions to induce sleep that is most popularly used. delivers results excellent as a resource to calm the nerves and, although it is not as powerful and well-known as valerian, its use is more than recommended.

In addition, it has the great advantage of helping Treat stomach problems and indigestion . For those who often go through anxiety attacks, lime blossom infusions are one of the best to return to a state of balance and great relaxation.


Also known as Melissa, this is a very powerful plant to fall asleep as it It has calming properties . Result extremely healthy and it is also perfect for fighting headaches, migraines and even indigestion.

Orange blossom

For its part, orange blossom also has calming and relaxing properties. It can be used a simple infusion of just two drops of this plant in combination with others, such as those previously seen, or even the juice of half a lemon, to help you in your treatment against insomnia.

You may enhance the use of orange blossom by giving yourself a bath or by wetting a cloth and placing it on your forehead. You will see how its delicious aroma helps you to relax and to reconcile a very peaceful and restful sleep!


The passiflora or passion flower It is another of the ideal plants to make infusions to induce sleep. Its anxiolytic properties are very popular, but it is also known as a very powerful relaxant that Helps calm nerves . However, it should be noted that it is not recommended for pregnant women.

Recommendations to prepare your infusions to induce sleep

Surely, some of these fantastic infusions will help you to fall asleep faster and more relaxed. However, we are going to give you some recommendations so that these plants can have a truly effective effect and help you.

  • When proceeding to make your infusion to induce sleep, try to make a gentle cooking, allowing the water to heat up, but without boiling . This will help to get the most out of the plants and thus be able to use them properly.
  • Try to accompany the infusion with honey and Avoid using refined sugar . Do not forget that sugar is a stimulant and what we want is the opposite effect: calming and sedative.
  • procure use fresh herbs or ones that are properly dried to fully guarantee its effects.
  • You can take short shots during the late afternoon and early evening to prepare the body for that much-needed rest at the end of the day.
  • As we have recommended, accompany these infusions to induce sleep with a relaxing bath .
  • Avoid heavy meals, tobacco and coffee , especially at night.
  • As a last recommendation, you can accompany your infusions with a natural product that complements full relaxation such as capsules NatuSleep natural sleeping pills that with its components such as melatonin, passion flower extract and valerian will help you relax and fall asleep quickly. Get a natural aid for a quality rest from the first intake. Haven't tried them yet?

Having a truly restful sleep is something very important for our health. We cannot be truly productive and focus properly and effectively if we cannot sleep well during all the hours we need to do it.

Has this post about the best infusions to induce sleep been useful to you? Don't forget that in our blog you can find more tips related to your health care.

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