Lactic ferments and probiotics: what are the differences?

Fermentos lácticos y probióticos: ¿qué diferencias hay?

If your professional specialty revolves around nutrition Yet the gut health or it is simply an area of ​​interest for you, you should know that the lactic ferments and probiotics they have a slight inequality. Do you want to discover it? In this new post from nature we inform you about it.

What is the main difference between lactic and probiotic ferments?

In order to know this dissimilarity, it is best to study both terms separately:

What are lactic ferments?

When we talk about Lactic ferments , technically we refer to those that produce lactic acid from lactose. Explained in a simpler way, it would be when the content of a food is beneficial for our digestive system , but for this it must reach our intestines safely .

In this regard, we must also briefly emphasize the live lactic ferments . These, together with vitamin B, are of great help to strengthen the immune system and promote the physiological balance of the intestinal flora , but they are also part of the probiotic family.

It is at this moment that this need to explore both in detail , so we are going to learn more about the latter in order to define the clear difference between lactic ferments and probiotics.

What are probiotics?

Probiotics are also organisms that produce lactic acid from lactose, but the main difference between lactic ferments and probiotics is that the latter are capable of survive in our stomach and they achieve settle successfully in the intestine .

In addition, it is very important to pay attention to the definition provided by the WHO about these, since amounts are very important in this case. In this way, we call probiotics "live microorganisms that, when consumed in appropriate amounts as part of a food, provide the host with a health benefit."

In what foods can lactic ferments and probiotics be found?

The natural products They are the most reliable source to provide lactic ferments to our body. Among the most outstanding foods, the yoghurt It is the main one, since the quantities it presents are abundant. As you know, there are numerous types, but the most nutritionally beneficial is the natural or “white” .

This has a clear advantage over the rest, and that is that you can make sure that it is Free of added sugars or any other additive . Also, if you like those that contain bits of fruit, grains, or nuts to add flavor, you can always add them yourself.

However, we also find other really valid options, although not so common, such as:

  • he kefir , native to the Caucasus
  • he leben , which comes from Middle Eastern countries such as Morocco, Lebanon or Syria
  • he skyr , of Icelandic origin
  • he filmjölk , typical of Nordic European countries such as Sweden
  • he kumys , very common in Mongolia

To end these differences between lactic ferments and probiotics , we must emphasize that you can find this second group of organisms in foods such as plain yogurt (again), a drink that is gaining more and more presence such as kombucha , the miso wave fermented soybeans , various pickles , the sourdough bread or the raw cheese .

And what about food supplements?

As you can see, it's just a matter of select the indicated products Knowing its properties and you can enjoy excellent intestinal health at the hands of proper nutrition , rich in lactic ferments and probiotics.

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