How to reduce joint pain from physical exercise

Cómo reducir el dolor de articulaciones por ejercicio físico

Excess physical effort and heavy weight loads can always lead to injury. Are you in this situation or are you starting to feel discomfort? In this post we will talk about the joint pain from exercise physical and we will give you several alternatives that will help you mitigate it and be able to naturally regenerate joint cartilage.

each of Food Complements what we have in nature They have a specific purpose and for this we also have a solution, so knowing the problem helps us so that the solution can be very effective. Find out with us and at the end of the article you will have the recommendation of the product you are waiting for to end the joint pain from sports

Why do my joints hurt when I exercise?

When you perform high intensity training and subject your body to a higher performance than it is used to or is capable of assuming, making overexertion, one of the most direct effects is usually suffering from joint pain from physical exercise.

There are a wide variety of injuries of this type, such as the famous sprains, for example. when we feel joint pain from the gym , the most common is that it is a dislocation or dislocation that has caused the exit of a bone that is part of a bone structure .

Therefore, the conclusion is simple, and it is that you should avoid subjecting your body to its limits so that there are no ailments that prevent you from practicing sports without impediments. It is something that you should keep in mind, especially when it comes to training that combines strength and resistance.


What sports are the most damaging to the joints?

Joint pain from physical exercise tends to appear more frequently in sports that involve a high pace of play or the load of heavy weights that can wear down the bones. Specifically, it is very common to experience knee pain when practicing

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Running for a long time
  • Tennis
  • Paddle
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  • Lower body workouts at the gym

This does not mean that high-impact sports are not beneficial, but rather that you have to be careful when performing certain supports, wearing the correct footwear, having warmed up beforehand, and that the place where you practice them is adequate to be able to reduce greatly increases the chances of suffering from joint pain from physical exercise.

How to remove joint pain from exercise?

There are different ways to mitigate joint pain from physical exercise. One of the simplest, most common and recommended is save rest When you suffer a dislocation that prevents you from comfortably performing the basic movements of the sport you practice, take at least a week off. Afterwards, start to test if you are already able to do the exercises without discomfort.

Resort to massages It is one of the most recommended alternatives to recover from these injuries and prevent their severity from increasing so that the injury suffered is not long-lasting. If you feel that rest is not enough, the attention of a physiotherapist will be of great help. In addition, this specialist will facilitate your joint pain cure with exercise or beneficial practices for your bones.

On the other hand, one good nutrition It is also essential, since many nutrients will help you strengthen your bones and joints, especially those that are rich in omega 3, calcium and magnesium. Milk, broccoli, spinach, artichokes, bananas, and legumes are some of the best examples.

Likewise, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, folic acid and liquid hydrolyzed collagen They seem fundamental to us. And do you know where you can find all of them in the same formulation? In our special product NATUSURE® NatuCol Sport . Let us give you an extra recommendation on joint pain from physical exercise and then we'll talk more about this liquid.


Recommended sports for joint care

One of the last points that we want to mention about the treatment of joint pain due to physical exercise is the practice of some sports that will be of great help in your recovery process if you do not want to be inactive during this period:

  • The swimming It has always had a good reputation for the recovery of joint pain from physical exercise, since it is a discipline in which many muscles and bone groups work without suffering damage.
  • If you have suffered any damage to the lower body, the elliptical bike it can help you maintain the sporting rhythm and favor this process thanks to the reduced impact it entails.
  • He yoga and the strength exercises with little weight they are a great resource to strengthen the muscles that protect the joints, but the technique must be very precise and controlled so as not to generate the opposite effect to the desired one.

What do athletes take for joints?

As we have told you before, now is the time to talk to you about NATUSURE® NatuCol Sport , our liquid hydrolyzed collagen with vitamins and other essential nutrients to give your body more natural support. Not only with the aim of putting an end to joint pain from physical exercise, but also to be able to experience a better performance in each of your workouts.

Many athletes have already tried it and it is part of their daily routine, in combination with a healthy diet to maximize its benefits. It is a product that shows very good results, especially in those people who exercise very frequently and with high impact and intensity .

  • Fight joint wear
  • Protects and helps regenerate cartilage
  • Helps increase mobility and flexibility
  • Benefits the lubrication of the joints
  • Reduces signs of fatigue

At Natusure we always offer you the best food supplements, formulated with natural ingredients so that they are totally beneficial for your body. Do not forget to read our recommendations before taking them. We can assure you that you will notice the results from the first shots and you will be able to eliminate that joint pain by physical exercise.

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