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How to perform a good skincare routine

Cómo realizar una buena rutina de skincare

An adequate facial care routine is essential because the skin is our body's most important protective barrier against external aggressions. So why not return the favor?

The optimal thing is to perform a skincare routine twice a day. One in the morning, to clean excess oil produced during the night, and another before bed to clean impurities caused by pollution or traces of makeup.

How do I know if I take care of my face correctly?

First of all, the essentials are the products. The more natural the better. The order in which you apply each product is also very important. Below we explain the correct order and what each product is for.

The routine begins with micellar water. This is used to remove make-up, cleanse, refresh and tone without drying out the skin.

Second, you have to wash your face with cold water and soap. Preferably use a soap without soap since they are less aggressive.

Afterwards, we apply a moisturizing serum that contains hyaluronic acid since it is a component that deeply hydrates the skin and delays the visible signs of aging such as wrinkles.

Finally, once the serum has been completely absorbed, we apply a moisturizing cream all over the face.

In the morning routine, we can use sunscreen for this last step.

As you have seen, performing a skincare routine does not take much time and makes a big difference in the appearance and health of our skin. Healthy and beautiful skin completely changes a person's physical appearance and even rejuvenates a few years!

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