How to burn abdominal fat: Ways to lose belly

Cómo quemar grasa abdominal: Formas para perder barriga

burn belly fat in a localized way is one of the biggest myths that exist when someone plans to implement methods to lose belly. You cannot just lose abdominal fat, since our body works as a single unit, not by independent parts to achieve results in certain areas.

But that does not mean that it is true that by practicing certain exercises you will be able to reach your goal. Of course, keep in mind that you will be able to burn abdominal fat and from other areas in which it has a presence, such as arms and legs , for example.

Also, if you stay until the end of the post, we will talk about our Food Complements as an excellent way to supplement the healthy diet what do you need to bring and work out to continue to lose those extra kilos and lose belly

What is the best way to burn abdominal and body fat?

If you have set yourself a goal for the next few months to burn abdominal fat and fat from different parts of the body where you notice that you have excess, practice aerobic physical exercise at least 3 times a week is exactly what you need. There are a wide variety of activities that you can try so that you don't always do the same thing:

Start going for a walk

Let's start with the simplest to lose belly. It is better to go little by little and build the house from the foundations, so you can change some habits and choose to walk more . Using less public transport and the car to go to nearby places will help you gain more rhythm and resistance for the next activities to burn abdominal fat that we are going to propose.

How about starting with a goal of 5,000 daily steps and improve little by little until you reach 10,000? Walking to work if you don't have it very far will help you a lot to get closer to that initial figure practically without realizing it.

Take the next step and start running

When you have got a good rhythm and have enough resistance, we recommend go for a run to burn abdominal and body fat. He running It is one of the most effective forms of physical exercise for consume calories of the body in a very short time, since by practicing this sport we manage to activate the cardiovascular system and increase the intensity of breathing.

You can do it in the most usual way, planning your own route and marking a route that you think you are capable of completing. But we also recommend you try different variants like raise the knees , bring the heels to butt either sprint in short distances of about 100 meters.

Take long bike routes

What would be the next step? When you have mastered everything we have seen so far, you can feel safe to take the bike and do kilometric routes to burn abdominal and body fat. It is an activity that you will love to do on days when the weather is good, since you will be able to discover numerous corners and lose belly at the same time.

And if it's a bad day or it rains for a whole week, it's something you can also do behind closed doors, at home, if you have or buy one. exercise bike . Surely in a few months you will appreciate having sat on it instead of on the sofa.

Jump into the water and don't stop swimming

Another very effective way to consume calories to burn abdominal and body fat is the swimming . In addition, it is refreshing and will help you strengthen the limbs and large muscle groups. There is no doubt that it is a discipline that you should take into account, especially in the hottest months of the year.

When you start practicing it, you will see that there are different styles to swim, such as crawl, backstroke, breaststroke or butterfly. It is a matter of perfecting your technique in each one of them and each time you flow more in the water. That will be a good sign for lose belly fat .

How to lose belly in a month? static exercises

Let's go with our last two exercise recommendations to burn abdominal and body fat effectively. This time, we bring you two activities that you can also practice at home , since you will only need a space large enough to do them in static .


Burpees are one of the most popular exercises for those looking to how to lose belly , since with them you work the abdomen , back, chest, arms and legs. it's an exercise very easy to practice and that only requires a little coordination and resistance to endure long series, of about 15 repetitions each.

jumping jacks

And speaking of coordination, don't forget the jumping jacks to burn abdominal and body fat absolutely effectively. You may know the exercise as “cat jump”, but surely you have practiced it at some time and you can challenge yourself to last as long as possible by jumping and consuming calories.

What can I take at night to burn abdominal and body fat?

NATUSURE® NatuSlim are our natural pills to burn belly fat and body, accompanied by a balanced diet and a weekly exercise routine. Thanks to them you can block ingested fats and burn the accumulated, so you will be able to control your weight and maintain the silhouette in which you will be working for so many months.

They are an ideal complement, made with natural ingredients and its responsible use is totally beneficial for health. It is easy to take and with only two capsules daily You can already begin to see significant changes in your body.

They are not addictive, nor do they contain caffeine , so you can stop taking them whenever you want without any problem or take breaks from time to time. Give them a try and enjoy the benefits that other people in your same situation are already experiencing. Burning abdominal and body fat has never been so easy.

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