Change of time and sleep: How it affects tiredness and how to sleep better

Cambio de hora y sueño: Cómo afecta al cansancio y cómo dormir mejor

One more year, the winter solstice is approaching and with it, less daylight hours than we have had in these last summer months. In addition to mentioning that we will enjoy less time in the sun, we have to talk about two factors that go hand in hand in this time of transition: the time change and sleep . Do you want to know what relationship they have and how they can affect your exhaustion?

At Natusure we know perfectly the various origins of a bad night's rest, so we also know how to deal with this problem. We invite you to continue reading to discover how the fatigue from the time change , including the effect of the time change in children if you have children

How does the time change affect sleep?

The relationship between time change and sleep is clear: several studies have determined that we feel more tired due to the fact that there is a noticeable imbalance and to which our body must adapt. Experts indicate that the synchronization of the sunrise with the entrance to work is perfect so as not to have this sensation, but when the time is advanced or delayed this changes.

In this sense, the fatigue begins to come into play as a result of not having rested properly at night, since it is very easy for there to be a small alteration in the bedtime routine from each person. Therefore, the problems caused by the time change in sleep are due to the need to adaptation to a new biological rhythm .


Knowing this, it is easy to conclude that the amount of daylight hours that we enjoy It affects our mood , especially at the time this transition occurs. In short, it is very common for us to show ourselves to be more tired, restless, with a certain level of stress and irascible.

However, there is another important aspect to highlight about the time change and sleep. And it is that the experts who have studied these two phenomena have determined that the Winter Solstice It does not usually affect us as much as summer for the simple reason that we have already mentioned before: the sun usually rises around the same time that we go to work and the children to school.

How does the time change affect children?

The effects of the time change in sleep are also usually manifested in the old people and in the children ; in fact, studies indicate that they are the people who show a higher level of sensitivity. The result is the appearance of sleep disorders during the first days, until the body manages to adapt to this new rhythm that the hours of light establish on us.

During this period, which usually lasts around 2 or 3 days , it is common for them to have daytime sleepiness and feel that tiredness or fatigue that we have already been talking about in the previous paragraphs. And although these symptoms are not very long-lasting, it is true that their attitude can become somewhat negative, giving rise to unusual anger or discouragement.

What can be done to prevent this from happening? Putting them to bed earlier is one of the most viable solutions, but it can also happen that by doing this they do not get to sleep at the expected time to rest properly. In that case, our gummies to sleep They are a great supplement that is kid-friendly and can curb the effect of time change on your sleep.


How to sleep better during time changes?

If you are looking for more ideas to put an end to the consequences of the time change in sleep, we recommend you follow the following tips:

  • Adjust your routine : just by adapting your times to wake up, eat and go to bed, you will be able to face the next solstice in a much more bearable way. As we have already said, it is especially important for the elderly and children, but if you also usually notice these effects, it is something that you can apply in your routine from a week before.
  • Practice exercise during the day : Health experts always indicate that it is not advisable to do sports shortly before going to sleep, but practicing it during the day can be very beneficial to prevent these effects of sleep time change.
  • Look for relaxation methods : In addition to physical exercise, there are many relaxation exercises that work for many people to fall asleep quickly and have a higher quality sleep, so that the next day they feel more rested.
  • Do not use your mobile before going to sleep : finally, we have to mention an open secret. The use of any electronic device before going to sleep is not good for the quality of rest, so it is better that you avoid them if you do not want to suffer further effects when trying to prevent sleep time shift problems.

We have the solution for you to sleep better

Wait, there's still one last thing we haven't told you. Have you ever heard of the food supplements ? If you eat a healthy and balanced diet and exercise regularly, our natural sleeping pills They will be your definitive ally to combat the consequences of the time change in sleep.

NATUSURE® NatuSleep They are capsules formulated with natural ingredients that will help you improve relaxation and rest at night, without generating any kind of dependency or drowsiness the next day. They are scientifically proven and you will be able to enjoy their benefits from the first intake.

With a single take 30 minutes before going to bed will be enough for you to sleep better and put aside the problems that the change in sleep time is causing you. We recommend you try them! AND for children , we are sure that our NatuGummies they will be a success.

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